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Kiran Bhattacharyya, ’13 Fellow
Bioengineering, Northwestern University

I got involved in science and research because I felt that could make some impact on the world. Being funded by the NSF is like a validation…that I am on the right track. More...

Adam Daily, '12 Fellow
Biomedical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

…once you finish the NSF GRFP application, your graduate apps will be a snap. More...

Rene Diaz, '11 Fellow
Materials Science Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

If it wasn't for the NSF GRFP, I would not be able to work with either of my current advisors (one at Georgia Tech and the other at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory) because at the time, they did not have the funding to take on another student. More...

Elise Hernandez, '12 Fellow
Developmental Psychology, University of Michigan

Winning the award has given me time to focus heavily on research and to create a good roadmap for my dissertation topic and methods. More...

Roberto Miguez, '09 Fellow
Engineering, University of Michigan

NSF GRFP funds translate to increased creative potential and hence potential for success and happiness. More...

John Smeda, '11 Fellow
Plant Breeding & Genetics, Cornell University

Even if you don't receive the fellowship, applying can boost your confidence that you have the tools and ability to plan and propose research, which is essential to succeed in graduate school. More...

Sarah Smith, '12 Fellow
Biomedical Engineering, University of Missouri

…the real work lies ahead in fulfilling our research duties and advancing technology. More...

Melonie Williams Sexton, '09 Fellow
Psychology, Vanderbilt University

Having this award on your record shows that you are capable of thinking beyond the average student and are able to do great research. More...

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Advice from Fellows

NSF GRFP funds translate to increased creative potential and hence potential for success and happiness.

Roberto Miguez

'09 Fellow, Engineering

University of Michigan


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